Jun, 2024
Jun, 2024

Buyukada Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel

Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel greets history in Buyukada. Built with Italian architecture, the two-hundred-year-old mansion has been restored intact and today serves as a boutique hotel concept and invites those who want to have a different holiday in Buyukada to its ambience.

Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Buyukada. Our hotel can be reached from the ferry dock by carriage if you wish or takes a 10 minute walk. It has been brought to life by restoring a two-hundred-year-old historical stone mansion. Our hotel is a family business.


Like a Little Museum


Meziki Köşkü located on Malulgazi Caddesi, Buyukada it was built in the second half of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, it passed into the ownership of the Shahbaz and later the Karayan families. The rectangular mansion is one of the examples of Italian architecture and has a Renaissance style.The exterior view of the masonry mansion is massed and planned as a rectangle. It also contains traces of different periods with its garden wall and unique wall frescoes belonging to the Byzantine period. Being faithful to its historical texture restoration work was done, today it serves as a boutique hotel. With the advantage of being rectangular, the sizes of the rooms are almost the same.

The rooms on the front of course have the sea view, the ones on the back side have a quiet and charming garden view. The ceiling heights of the mansion, where you climb the wooden stairs, are around 5 metres. The wall decorations and frescoes are hand drawn and each of them are original, on the other hand an Ottoman-era fountain in the garden facing the main street. At the back there is a hidden garden surrounded by historical Byzantine walls which also has fountains in it. There are four rooms on each floor of our hotel. We strive to offer a comfortable stay in our mansion which was restored without disrupting the original, turned into a boutique hotel in 2010, with special permission from the High Council of monuments. The mansion, is operated by Ismail Sarikaya and Ozlem Sarikaya as Anastasia Meziki Boutiqe Hotel, awaits guests who adopt a different holiday approach sensitive to history.

Each floor of the Anastasia Meziki Boutiqe Hotel is exclusive. The floors of the hotel were garnished with accessories such as precious paintings, a gramophone, an old piano and antique furnitures. The floors were decorated by being faithful to the original texture of that era. The mansion, which has 13 rooms in total, has hosted many vintage tv series and movies because of these features. The hotel, which is perceived as a small museum, attracts not only the guests but also the passers-by. Our rooms are divided into standard, triple room, comfort sea view room, comfort garden view room, royal suite(2 Rooms 1 lounge), king suite and single. The royal suite also has a balcony.


Apart from our standard, triple and single rooms, our rooms have luxurious bathroom and toilet.


For cancellation and changes, you must inform our hotel at least 3 days in advance and the booking fee will not be refunded if cancellations are not made on time.

The Adress of Romantic Celebrations on the Island

For wedding, engagement, birthday and special occasions, Meziki Garden is waiting for our esteemed guests with a different service approach.


Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel, which also organizes special offers for honeymooners, is one of the island’s preferred businesses for romantic celebrations and special occasions, with its unique ambience. In summary, Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel offers a different and special service in Büyükada as it is “the place where the word ends and the history stops”.


At the back of the Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel, The Garden cafe-Restaurant which serves the concept of bed and breakfast, also welcomes guests from outside. A large buffet breakfast is served with all-natural and fresh products, depending on the intensity, while a mixed breakfast is served in the home environment. The meziki Garden is also welcome to all our guests for breakfast privilege.


In Ozlem’s kitchen;


Home made ravioli, tortellini, home made patties, marinated grilled chicken, salads, cold hot appetizers, pachanga pastry, spring rolls, home made lemonade, milkshake, cold and hot coffee varieties are waiting for our valued guests.