Apr, 2024
Apr, 2024

Meziki Restaurant

Hello, our adventure began in 2010 when we set foot in this magnificent structure, which was partially abandoned and inhabited only by cats. It was ruined and exhausted because no one lived in this magnificent structure, which is very rare indeed. We immediately rolled up our sleeves and made this magnificent mansion livable again and presented it to our guests as a boutique hotel. The next step, we developed our kitchen and arranged our garden in accordance with the demands of our guests and presented BUYUKADA KOSK CAFE RESTAURANT to the delight of our esteemed guests.


The historic Meziki Mansion is one of the oldest mansions on the island, built with Italian architecture with a 200-year history. Meziki Kosk Cafe and Restaurant is located in the garden of the mansion.


Meziki Kosk Cafe and Restaurant, located in one of the most historic parts of Buyukada, opens its doors in the warmth of the family for you dear guests.


Our guests meet the flowers, beautiful music and bird songs prepared for the comfort and ease for them at Anastasia Meziki Boutique Hotel’s garden. At the historical and architectural atmosphere, our guests have the food prepared and cooked by our master chefs, each of them are professionalized in Turkish, Italian, Mexican and World cuisine. With our desserts, we offer alternative options that appeal to everyone.


You can start the day with a mixed breakfast with local flavors, you can have a snack at noon accompanied by home made lemonade, drink hot or cold coffees, and then our home made desserts will be waiting for you. When you are hungry, you can take a look at our unusually rich menu and feel the confidence and pleasure of being in our garden with our delicious grills, salads and pastas accompanied by our ice-cold beers and special wines. All day long you can join free Wi-Fi while listening to exquisite music from our private collection.


At weekends, we invite you to a traditional feast with our uniquely wide buffet breakfast, which will relieve the stress of the week.