Jun, 2024
Jun, 2024

Buyukada Meziki Hotel Covid-19 Measures

Measures taken in our hotel about Covid 19;

In order to provide the best service and hygiene for our guests and staff,


* Our guests will meet a standing disinfectant point with 14 rules of protection from covid 19 and quality antiseptic hand sanitizer.

* Disinfectant mop will be used for shoes.

* Guests mask and gloves will be thrown into the trash can and given a new mask.

* With the non-contact thermometer, all our guests’ temperature will be measured, guests with 37.5 degrees and above will not be admitted to the facility.

* Social distance will be maintained while guests are being accepted.

* Reception desk will be separated by barrier and hygiene will be maintained during guest registration procedures.

* We will ask our guests for information on their location within the last 14 days, if any, their chronic ailments, whether they have had COVID-19.

* Pay attention to making payments via bank or mail order during booking, thus reducing the use of paper money, hygiene will be provided and other payments can be made via contactless credit card.


* Our guests will be obliged to wear masks in the common areas of our hotel.

* Cleaning of all areas will be done with disinfection materials according to the standards and with appropriate frequency according to the nature of the surface.

* Hand sanitizer or antiseptic will be kept at the entrances of general customer toilets, as well as in different places of large general use areas.

* Floors of toilets, toilets, urinals, sinks, faucets and battery heads, door handles will be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Toilet doors will be sterilized after each use.

* Guests staying in the same room or from the same family will be treated according to the rule that social distance between each other is not required in the general area usage.

* Waste bins with lids will be placed in general use areas and it will be stated that these bins are only for materials such as masks and gloves.These wastes will not be combined with other wastes during disposal.


* There will be a warning sign with 14 rules of protection from Covid-19 and high quality antiseptic hand sanitizer.

* The surfaces, controls, door and window handles in the rooms will be cleaned with disinfectants when the guests’ stay is over.

* The rooms will have single-use bouclé materials.

* Cleaning of the guest bedroom will be done by the personnel wearing masks, using disposable gloves for each customer room.

* When the guest leaves the room, our rooms will be sterilized with ULV disinfectant machine before and after the room cleaning.

* Bed linen and towels will be washed at high temperature and provided to be sterile.

* Rooms will be ventilated with fresh air for at least two hours by opening windows after each guest.

* Our guests will be advised to use natural ventilation instead of air conditioning, if air conditioning is used frequently filter cleaning will be done with ULV device, sterilization will be provided at all times.


* The distance between the tables where the food is served is 1.5 meters and the chairs will be arranged to be 60 cm from side to side. Service personnel will pay attention to maintain distance rules and avoid contact during service.

* In this process, we will serve our breakfast prepared as an open buffet on the table with a breakfast plate at the request of our guests.

* The tools such as tea/coffee machine, water dispenser, beverage machine will be removed and the guest will be served through the service staff.

* Food tables, chairs, service supplies, sugar, salt, spices, napkins, menu and such items will be cleaned with alcohol-based products or disposable sugar, salt, spice will be used after each guest use.


* Cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen and associated areas, all kinds of equipment and equipment used in the kitchen, countertops and storage areas will be ensured on a regular basis.

* One is not in charge of the kitchen areas cannot enter.

* Foods will be stored in closed cupboards or covered over. * To avoid cross contamination, foods prepared with untreated foodstuffs will be kept in separate places in the kitchen.

* Our kitchen staff will wash and disinfect their hands regularly during work

* All service equipment will be washed in an industrial dishwasher.

Protecting our guests and colleagues from the virus will be our top priority and we are waiting for welcoming our valuable guests again.